Hothouse by the River

So I managed to finish the book I didn’t like – I made myself a night sandwich and a glass of peach juice.
In the foreword the book is described as her strangest and most jarring work…
it was a struggle but towards the end the book finally takes shape and little themes, which have only been suggested, become clear: our accumulated doubts, unfinished business and broken dreams.
There are some very strong and hillarious images of women dressing up in their wealth, in old times in contrast to the looser late sixties fashion; she shouts (when asked if their jewellery is real) “they are as real as you people”, which ultimately is not an answer.
I’m thinking I should make a piece of Jewellery but don’t really have access to tools or time maybe I will make it in my head.
I am also returning to the Muriel makes a joke video and imagine our inability to meet up as a chaotic meet up where everyone is dressed their best; I would wear my hair like I used to when I worked in a bar and hold my wine goblet, it would suit the occasion. Maybe we could agree to all speak different languages – it wouldn’t make much difference to the sense of understanding or lack there of, but I feel it would be grand, all friends of Michael are underneath grand, this I am sure of. I wish I could come and see your work Grand Lady of Tigers, Sparks and Scotland. It sounds so amazing, but Dundee is far away… It’s easier to go to Italy.
From the Hothouse by the River